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Paid a contractor - a few months later the code stops working

Hi All, This has been going on a while, Last year we paid a contractor about $700 in total for PHP/MySQL work. Once he was finished we tested it for a few weeks and it worked with one or two small issues. After 2-3 months of working ok it stopped working.. and we had to take the site down for about 6 months. We contacted the coder and asked him to fixed it as we wanted to bring the site back up. He said he would look into it. He came back and said it was fixed. The site is a football based game site,, where you pick and team.. if they win you move to the next week.. if you lose you are knocked out. The script is to automatically check the results and knock people out etc. As we speak the site is down again. We use the English Premier League as our main game. Which started about 5-6 weeks ago. Since then every week we have to contact the coder asking him to fix the game as it's not working. It would not automatically update.. I asked my host to check Cron jobs and they are working fine. -- It would not kick people out of the game who lost.. it would kick people out who won and shouldn't be out. Basically everything was broken.... Each week he would say it's fixed and each week it would fail. Apart from the cost of paying him... I've lost loads of money from trying to promote the site.. I would pay for ad's and facebook ads to get new players. I would give away prizes etc and when the site fails the player don't come back and it's a back player experience. Is there anything I can do ? This coder still works on oDesk. Will oDesk do anything ? or do they even care ? --- I'm in Ireland and he's in the Ukraine , Is there any point in going the legal route ? any help would be great. Thanks.

You're probably SOL on this one. There's countless reasons why code may stop working, especially if you're piggybacked on an existing code or API you're tapping into, and got someone to make custom adjustments. The code could be junk, or the programmer just may not have had an opportunity to properly test every detail... depends on your budget back then etc and if you included quality assurance in the project or not. Perhaps there were changes made on something you're attached to that caused the code to error. Complicated websites aren't something you build and forget. There is always a need to have someone a phone call away for updates and fixes.
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