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Pay Question


How much should I pay someone (fixed price) to convert a 1.9 MB PDF to a Kindle ready document?

Community Guru


There are no set rates for getting things done on Upwork.


If I personally wanted this project done, I would post a job describing what needs to be done. I would clearly indicate that I will provide the source PDF file to any qualified contractors so they can look it before bidding.


I would put a $500 placeholder rate into the budget field.


And in the job description I would say:


"I put $500 as a placeholder rate. I do not know how much this will cost to do. Please do not bid $500. I will not consider contractors who bid $500. I wll consider contractors who bid more than that, and I will be particularly interested in contractors who bid less than that."

Good answer -


Perhaps there is an equivilant to EFA rates for writers and editors  ?



You really can't equate the size of a PDF file to how long it will take to convert it to a Kindle format file.


Is this a relatively short PDF document with lots of illustrations? Is the page formatting complext? Is there a table of contents? An index?


There are a lot of factors which could wildly change the complexity of the process.


A contractor would be wise to NOT accept this contract as a fixed-price contract unless she first has a chance to examine the PDF file.


Otherwise, a wise contractor would ONLY work on this project on an hourly basis.