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Re: Payment Method Critical Issue

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steve d Member Since: Oct 15, 2015
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I am an Australian Business and am using odesk / Upwork from about 5 years now. i was using my personal PayPal account as Payment Method, Now i want to use my business PayPal email account because as a business it is best to have business accounts attached. Upwork do not accept my Business PayPal account because it is not linked with Credit Card as funding source whereas we have a company and bank do not offer credit card to partnership company and all business accounts normally have back account as funding source.  

To rectify this and to keep my work going on Upwork i tried to use my overseas credit card which works everywhere except upwork, Support team said it is problem with bank but i know it is problem with upwork.


My only concern is i have contacted support team about 3 times and to tell them help me attach my PayPal but they can not do anything


I have to say Upwork do not care if you are using it for how long and you will just restrict you and thy want you to leave to new platforms.


Really bad approach


I need someone contact me for this, board of directors or admins etc.


Thank you


Steve Davis

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Garnor M Member Since: Oct 29, 2014
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Hi Steve,

Sorry to hear about the frustration here. I'll check in with the team to see if someone can follow up.

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steve d Member Since: Oct 15, 2015
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Thanks Sure i am waiting 

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Garnor M Member Since: Oct 29, 2014
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Hi again steve,

We'd like to help see why the new card isn't working, but since it's not on your profile today I ask that you follow up with our Support team on the correspondence you've had with them. Providing them with your card type and the last 4 digits should help them investigate it further. 

Please note, if the card does not accept recurring payments like you see with prepaid, throw away, eCard, etc. or does not contain a card brand logo (Visa, MC or Amex) then our site will decline it.