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Payment Unsuccessful

Hello. I tried for two days to accept a contract and make payment through my PayPal account and my credit card. Neither of these methods were successful. Your payment system never established a link with PayPal and for some reason my credit card payment never linked up to deposit funds, either. Consequently, my contract was cancelled today. I advised my representative of the situation and she said your internal IT department is looking into it. Am I the only client with this issue?


Hi Bill,


I checked this account but it looks like this is a freelancer account and I couldn't find any support tickets. If you're referring to a different account please click on my picture next to this post and send me a private message with more info about the account you need help with.





Thanks for your help. I did not see your picture on the email you sent to
me so, I'm replying to your message using the reply button. I am a new
client. I was hiring for a technical project through Talent Scout. My representative from Talent Scout is**Edited for community guidelines**. I've tried for past two days to deposit funds into Upwork via PayPal and my credit card. In both instances (and, I tried multiple times), your payment method would not link-up and allow me to make a payment (see attached error message.) As a result, the contract was cancelled today. Needless to say I'm disappointed.

Thank you.

Hi Bill,


I checked this account that you used to post in the community, but I this is a freelancer account. Please share the details of your client account so I check. You can send it to me via PM by clicking on my name. Thanks!

~ Joanne
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