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Payment confusion


Several days ago somebody hacked my debit card and the bank cancel it.  I forgot to change to a new one here in Upwork and when I try to make a payment, it was rejected.  So, I went to my settings and unload my new information. When I check the milestone I was trying to pay it said it was paid. It was $ 100 + fee (I don't remember the fee amount)
Later I fund a milestone with another freelancer. The amount was $ 60.-
Now, checking my bank account appear 3 transactions for 61,65 each, one of them rejected.  
I checked my transactions in my Upwork account and it said like I funded the 60.00$, paid the 60, $ (which I didn't intended) and paid the 100$ (which I intended but It's not reflected in my bank account).
I tried to contact help in  Upwork with no help, what can I do? How do I contact a real person to solve this problem. In the help section said I can send and email, but I can't found it.

Somebody help me please!!!!

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Hi Gladys,


As a client, you can initiate a chat with our support team. One of our representatives also will get in touch with you in regards to the financial concerns.



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