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Please Help!!! I was deceived when I was looking for Freelancer in upwork

This is the first time I have been looking for developers on upwork,

The result is bad!!

When he was looking for him to develop, his attitude was very poor!

This is not the point. The point is that I believe in his speech,

He said that UpWork’s Payment will withdraw his 25%income,

The cost of the project will be 50%higher than

if the project that originally required $ 1,000.

He needed me to pay him $ 1500,

so he asked me to use cryptocurrencies to pay him!

I paid it too,

The cost of the original project is $ 2000,

but I paid $ 4200 to him, which is not the point!

What he helped me develop was the source code purchased online, the original price $ 3899,

But when I was looking for the customer service of the source code to ask for inquiries,

the other party told me that my source code was cracked version...............

He kept asking me to give him money before the project was completed

There is also the source code that is all unavailable at all....

I may have no work and money....................

Am I going to die ... ?


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You broke the terms of service when you agreed to pay your freelancer off-platform. This may result in the suspension of your account, and Upwork will not be responsible for getting your money back because it isn't in their escrow system so they can do nothing about it.

man, i never try upwork before.....

and that is he told me to find him at telegram

and he said because he not always at upwork,

maybe reply will late.....

if i at the first knew this all....

i won't do that!!!!!

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Was sim is correct:

You can't get that money back.



This is a project management issue.


Yiu need to do one of the following:

a) Learn how to be a project manager

b) Hire a project manager 


Upwork does not provide project management services.


(But you can hire a project manager through Upwork.)

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what if he stealing my buisness too?

he use my money to get that source code 

and then use it ! even the brand is mine





Chun Kit:


I feel very bad for you if you have had a negative experience while using Upwork as a client.


But it is important for you to understand what services Upwork provides, and what it doesn't do.


Upwork allows clients to find, hire and pay freelancers.


You have questions right now that do not pertain to the services that Upwork provides.


Upwork doesn't handle branding. Upwork is not a source code repository.

If you feel that a freelancer you hired has behaved in appropriately by "stealing" a "business tool," then that is a matter between you and the freelancer.

As a client, I have hired over 150 freelancers. Upwork is a powerful tool. But Upwork is not a project management tool. If you want project management, then you need to hire a project manager.


Also: When we use Upwork in ways that violate important Upwork rules, it can cause problems. It sounds to me like you paid money directly to a freelancer. Is that correct? Clients are not allowed to do that.


If you paid money to a freelancer - NOT through the Upwork platform, but directly such as through cryptocurrencies or WhatsApp, then your problem is very much NOT an Upwork problem. You would need to address the matter with the freelancer or with the platform through which you paid him money. There may be nothing that Upwork itself can do to help you.


If I am mistaken about this, please clarify so we can help you further.


If you have any remaining questions, please ask. We love to help clients understand how to use the platform more effectively.

For now, I have answered your questions as much as I can, based on the information you have provided. For myself, I will consider this matter closed - in the sense that I don't plan to write anything else in this thread. (Unless you ask additional questions.) But of course other Forum participants (including Forum moderators) may decide to provide additional feedback to you.

I still have the entire payment process on UpWork.

In addition, I know this is where the customer is looking for freelancer,

What I mean is that the way of this Freelancer does not conform to Criterion, right?

re: "What I mean is that the way of this Freelancer does not conform to Criterion, right?"


You are correct.


Stop paying money to that freelancer.


Hire an independent project manager.


Ask your project manager to handle all hiring and task assignments.


Require a weekly review of progress on the project. If progress isn't satisfactory, hire a different project manager.


Proactively plan to never ask Upwork Customer Service for help in managing your freelancers or projects.


Decide right now thst you will never try to get a refund from a freelancer l because you will probably will fail. Instead: Save money by not paying money to underperforming freelancers. You can't get money back. But you CAN fire freelancers if you don't love their work.


(Note: This advice is only for the original poster. Not meant for anyone else.)

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