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Please for the love of god...

Ace Contributor

Can someone **Edited for Community Guidelines** I've hired so many and have wasted more time than you could imagine. Each and every one had some serious issue related to ethics or reliability -- a freelancer I was about to hire, changed the "ballpark" price after much discussion the very next day by nearly 100% (not cheap projects) without explanation, and just assumed I'd work outside of upwork like he wanted. Then the person I hired a day later seemed too good to be true and I knew that I was going to be disappointed. Sure enough, the work submitted, which took awhile, had barely any changes and did not incorporate any of the notes I made. I could tell that the quality of the work was not the same as the portfolio and I just knew that I had been fooled again. This is after I tried everything I possibly could to vet the freelancer and verify that the samples provided were original work. Well, they promised a redesign and guess what... today I see the design and it is the exact same thing stolen from a theme that I know of.... and of course still without any of the changes I noted. I could not believe that they literally took the same thing and just presented it to me. They didn't even bother changing the font type!


I spent over 50 hours during this hiring process (again) -- I went through hundreds of freelancers in my filter and talked to only top or nearly top rated freelancers with hundreds to thousands of jobs completed. And they are no different from the poorly rated cheap talent on the platform. I might get whipped by upwork for saying this but they don't seem to care at all or don't have any effective way of maintaining the quality of this platform, and I have no faith in hiring here at all.