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Re: Please stop asking me to skype!!

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Andrew H Member Since: Dec 20, 2015
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I freelance and hire on Upwork.  When I submit proposals for work I neither request Skype info nor do I offer my own.  Is it not a violation of TOS to to do so in the initial RFP?   I must say, however,  over the years I've had plenty of clients respond asking ME to hook up with them on Skype to further discuss their projects.   In some cases it's absolutely crucial, because the client has been unable to clearly expound their needs.  And I think we all agree, there's nothing more bothersome than a project that goes sideways due to poor communication.  I agree it's in poor taste and highly unprofessional to insist on Skype conversations in the initial RFP...not to mention a violation of TOS as I understand it.   On those rare occasions when I see a particular job that piques my interest, but the description is vague, I will ask specific questions and inform the prospective client that I am available on Skype should they feel more comfortable talking about their needs in person.  I DO NOT, however, post my Skype ID.  On the flip side, some of those clients who immediately respond by insisting on a Skype conference either want to take the job off platform, or whittle down my rate.   In both cases it's a sure bet they won't remain Skype contacts for very long.  


When I've hired for projects I have received the occasional Skype request from freelancers.  They're mostly non-western culture applicants and seem overly eager to get work...any work.  


These are challenging times.  In a matter of weeks, we're all going to face a huge rate hike.  Plus, recent changes removing transparency in job postings have already made vetting of clients even more difficult.  So, don't be too surprised when the less experienced and uninitiated freelancers push for Skype conversations as a way to gain some kind of competitive least in their minds.       

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Lisa F Member Since: Apr 16, 2016
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I personally don't like when clients ask to Skype either. I bid on a job the other night; it was a VERY simple job and one I have done before and recently with feedback to prove it. I am on my way to bed at 11:30 pm and receive a request to Skype. Since it is well outside of my business hours, I decided I would respond in the morning.


When I checked at 5:00 am another freelancer had been hired so obviously this client expected to Skype immediately.


There are some jobs that I don't see why there is a need to Skype and certainly not at 11:00 at night.