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Wendy B wrote:

I am an Instructional Designer and I have copies of most of the projects I have completed, however, I have also signed agreements with my clients to not distribute proprieatary programs. As a result I always explain this and state I would be happy to share at an interview. It is tough but I signed a document and I refuse to go against that. If a hiring manager does not respect that, then I am not sure I want to work there!

I sign NDAs all the time too, but for jobs that I like and want to feature on my portfolio, I'll ask a client for permission. If it's a book for example, I'll just use a few pages, and send to the client for approval before posting it to my profile.


I can't quite imagine a designer not including portfolio pieces on their profile, but on the other hand, that only benefits me in the end, right? I don't like the linking to my wesbite route both because we're not supposed to share contact info, but also because I think the easier you make it for clients, the better. It's crazy, but they just might not want to take that one extra step to see my work.