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Posted a job, hired 2 freelancers whose offer had to be withdrawn. Still charged. Will I be refunded



I posted a job, and hired 3 people.

The first two freelancers had offers sent, and afterwards told me that they could not complete the job because they didn't have certain fonts needed for the project. I withdrew their offers, but was still charged. The third freelancer I hired is the one who accepted my offer, and I am currently working with. However, I see that I was charged for the other 2 freelancers, as well as $10 charge (split into two) for verification? Is there an UpWork corporate employee who can look at my account and clarify if I'm getting refunded for all these extra charges? If so, when will I receive the refunds. According to my calculations, I should be getting refunded an amount in the $30's.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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If you are charged for a fixed-price contract, and then the offer is withdrawn, the money is automatically refunded to your payment account within five business days. It isn’t necessary for you to do anything else for that to happen.


Verification is something separate, and is also refunded automatically.

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Community Manager

Hi Trish, 

Preston is correct. You should also be able to see your Transactions page (hover your mouse on your Reports tab, and click on the Transactions link), and see that you have already been refunded for the two contracts, and the verification charges. You should be able to refer to these in your Transactions page by checking these Ref IDs: 263361817, 263364154, 263364984. 

Let me know if you have other questions or further clarification about these transactions.

~ Avery
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