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Posted a new job, however can't do anything with it....

I created a job,  however when I go to see applied freelancers, edit job listing, or anything of the sort, it says "login". 


I will login... click on "view/edit" or whatever I want with the job... next page... boom... LOGIN.


It will not stop asking me to relogin even though im logged in.



When I login it brings me to a BLUE Odesk screen (my profile page)... when I click on the job I post to view, it brings me to the GREEN Odesk screen... which shows me as logged out.


Whats a matter with the system? 

Community Manager
Community Manager

I am sorry about the issue you are experiencing, Michael. Usually, clearing cache and cookies and using a different browser fixes issues like that. Please, contact Customer Support is it persists.


Thank you for your patience!

~ Valeria