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Posting a Ongoing Job

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You can post the job and an add milestones. And if you want to continue with 1 person, so I think you will be able to get this job more cheaper. Try to find an expert freelancer from a country where the basic living cost isn't too high. You may consider a newer freelancer as well.  I would request you to first see their portfolio and give them a short test and see how it they do. After that, you can decide. There have many freelancer who want only long term job even for lower price. Also make sure you are choosing someone who is willing to work on your time zone or with you. And see how he respond to your messages. The availability is the major factor. I am using Fiverr. I want to move to upwork as well. Because I have contacted few freelancer 3 days ago.


What I was need-


1. I was needed2  instrumental track for 2 song which I have provided them with their message. I will sing them on a stage. the program is going to held on 27th of this month. But I haven't get any freelancer in time. Their gig is small it is a plus point. But what is that if I can't get it before my program? I am also a fl studio expert. So I know to compose these music, I will need to work for at least 12 hours. means 1 day is loss.


2. A good cover image and a t shirt which I will use their. But I have get freelancer. They provided me on 3rd days but that wasn't what I was looking for. SO decided to do it by myself as I am an expert graphics designer.


3. I will need a video editor to edit the videos of my stage program. But now I am being afraid. because I have get bad experience from my 2 previous posting. So I have decided to do the video editing by myself. As I have also good video editing skills. I am sure If I post the job for video editing, I will need to pay over 100$. But I can do them within same day. I would do the same job if anyone would pay me 50$. So I am not going to use fiverr at all.


Here you need to learn that availabily is the major factor. You need to choose someone who respond instantly and you can get him whenever you need something.


Please think what would happen to me if I couldn't do graphics design, video editing and music composition???


So please please try to hire someone who is dedicated himself for work.


Best Regards.

Refx Shawon

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Thanks for the comments, you bring up some valid points.

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Here is how you will track that how many done-


I would recommend to use google drive. here is how it would the total work process-


Suppose you have choosen me to work on this project. So I will be responsible for all download, upload and editing.


So as you will need to track, so I will create a shared folder between you and myself. I have google drive installed on my computer. I will put everything there. Whether I downloaded for editing, edited, and uploaded.


3 folder will be created. name will be like that-


Downloaded (will contain all downloaded images.)

Edited (will contain all images with edited graphics)

Completed (Will move the successfully uploaded photos there)


So this way, you can clearly see how many done and how many need to be done. And I can delete once per month to save space on google drive). or i can put on local nstorage if needed.


And you can pay whether by hourly rate or if fixed price as you wish.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Terry, the most cost-effective long term solution is to automate everything that can be automated, and hire people to do whatever can't be automated.


I know that performing the image merging is something that can be automated. Probably other steps can be automated as well.


This forum is not going to be the place where you can actually get this done, though. You will need to hire a few people, probably 2 to 4 people, to simply give you ideas and discuss your overall workflow. Get some quotes. Get things done in a modular way. Don't pay somebody to do all of it at once. Get something that works to automate one step, and expand upon that.


You will not be able to create software/scripts/web applications that do EVERYTHING automatically, but you can put together a system that saves a lot of time and saves a lot of steps.


This is very doable, but it isn't for inexperienced developers or template users. This is not a WordPress project. You need somebody who is comfortable creating genuine custom coding and who knows how to automate image processing and other processes.


You need an actual web hosting account that you control fully, so that the processes can be centralized and accessed by your remote workers. You will use FTP and directories accessible by general web file access protocols. Absolutely do not use Google Drove or Dropbox and do not work with anybody who would suggest doing so.

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Darrin O Member Since: Jan 20, 2015
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@Preston H wrote:

You need an actual web hosting account that you control fully, so that the processes can be centralized and accessed by your remote workers. You will use FTP and directories accessible by general web file access protocols. Absolutely do not use Google Drove or Dropbox and do not work with anybody who would suggest doing so.

This I'd disagree with.  How a client chooses to operate is up to them, for better or worse.  If they want to use Dropbox to store backups of their images at the end of the day, I will (and have) happily suggest they consider at least automating the process so that it can happen in the middle of the night when the network traffic is low.  


Similarly, how centralized things need to be and what protocols need to be used are completely open to discussion.  This is especially important when it comes to automation, because you have to figure out the best way to transition between how a human can most comfortably work and how a computer can most efficiently work.  If everything is up for grab, it allows you to find the best way to do things differently.


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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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I think this task would be easier to automate using FTP, but if you can make it work with Dropbox, Google Drive or other technologies, then go for it.


I think Darrin's suggestion to keep an open mind about how to do this as you talk to a few different professionals is a good suggestion.


I would talk to at least 3 different people, even if it's only for 30 minutes to an hour. Paying some professionals for their time to discuss the overall project, and getting multiple opinions, is a small investment in time and money relative to the possible savings.


I bought a home and want to yard landscaped. I had three different professionals, who all came out to the house (I paid them for 30 minute consultations). And I'm having them work up printed/digital/3D designs, at about $150 each.


If I only use one design, does that mean I'll be wasting $300? Not at all. I'll be able to get different perspectives, pull elements and ideas from each, and have a better starting point for when I actually start having work done.


Use the same concept for Upwork development projects.


If the original poster is serious about saving money, he should definitely get more than one opinion. There are some disastrously bad freelancers on Upwork and there are a lot of really great ones. Talking to only one person about how to do your project is a gamble.

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Terry R Member Since: Sep 22, 2015
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Thanks for the info Preston, you guys lost me at hello.


I have been far behind the times running a internet business and working on becoming more automated. I was under the understanding this would be done/written by one person, glad you sorted that out for me. I have a vast lack of understanding in the computer world.


If I had the funds I would just hire someone to talk to the computer guys to build the system I need.


As my previous question to Darrin, how would I post such a job and under what heading?

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Even if you hire a project manager, you need to have him show you progress are regular intervals.


Good developers can build products in stages.

Dont work with anybody that requires you to wait until the end to see results on a large complex project. It is not worth the risk.


For the record, one person can put this together for you, but you have no way of knowing which person. That is why I recommend talking to more than one person, at least a little, to hear different approaches.


If you have the funds and limited time, obviously you hire multiple people to do the whole project and then throw away what you don't need. If your funds are more limited, you can hire one person at a time, but you need to spend time finding the right person. And you need to be prepared to pull the plug on them if they aren't meeting you expectations.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Terry, just to arm you with a little knowledge, for when you go to hire somebody to work on this.... The core image merging part of your system can be created as a web application that you can run from any browser, and which you can use to create the merged images you need in basically any number, with the touch of a button.  Click one button, and cause one thousand merged images to be created. Or don't even click a button, just have it happen automatically by virtue of depositing images in a drop directory,


A basic implementation of this type of system can be done in two hours, using a standard Linux Apache web hosting account and all free development tools... PHP, and a text editor. I prefer using a MySQL backend, but it's not necessary, strictly speaking.


That is only the image merge automation, not the uploading to target portals and not anything to do with accumulation of images.


Obviously as you add additional features and additional management tools, it will take more time. I'm only speaking from personal experience, based on things I have done. I'm not really a specialist in this area, so some people may be able to create this faster.


I would say these are expert-level programming tasks. Less experienced developers may be able to work out how to do this, but would probably take longer to get it right. Your least expensive approach may be to stick with fairly high-end developers. But if somebody inexpensive claims they can get the job done, you could certainly give them a chance and see if they can do the work.

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Terry, if the plan is to display on ebay listings images with a graphic added, you might want to go thru their terms, requirements ... many things can be automated but it may be against terms.