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Problem with Bring Client Program

My freelancer brought me on to Upwork. I signed up using her invite link, created the job, hired her. She is being told that she did not bring me on to the platform and doesn’t qualify for the program now.


I only signed up for Upwork because she instructed me to and I used her link.


This seems very deceitful that she is being denied when she brought me on board. What is going on?

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She ought to be Top Rated or Rising Talent, and you ought to be totally new to Upwork, for her to get the 0% fee.

She is Top Rated and I am totally new. Signed up yesterday using her “Bring a Client to Upwork” invite link.

Aha, I'd definitely kick Upwork if I were her.
A mod will jump in soon to assist you.

Thanks Abinadab

Hi Jared,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I've escalated your report to our support team. One of our agents will reach out to you directly via support ticket to assist you with this.

~ Bojan

Hi Bojan,


I have not had anyone reach out to me.

Hi Jared,


We apologise for not getting back to you soon. Please bear with us as this may take a little time to get information since we’re waiting on a response from another team. We appreciate your patience and will update you as soon as possible.

~ Riri

Hi Jared,


We are sorry for the delay in getting a response back to you. One of our team members will reach out to you directly via support ticket to assist you further.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar

No one has reached out to me.


I followed the link to support tickets and it says none found.

Hi Jared,


We're really sorry for the delay. I followed up with the team that's handling your case and one of the team members will send you a ticket shortly. We really appreciate your patience.

~ Joanne
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