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Problem with payment while sending offer

Hey guys,

I was trying to hire a freelancer. When I went to the send offer page, I tried with my AMEX card the first time. The 57.45$ has been charged from my card but it wasn't accepted on Upwork. So, then I tried with a different CARD, this time I used my MasterCard from Payoneer and the payment was successful so I hired the freelancer.

Now, I still haven't got the amount reversed back to my AMEX that I tried with in the first place. What's my solution? 

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It is banking delay. I saw no cases where Upwork keep that money. Just wait. Or contact support if won't wait anymore.

Thanks for replying. I am just worried that my card has still been charged while upwork didn't accept it. I already sent the issue with upwork-chat. 

Yep, it is annoying that you unable to use own money all this time. But you have no options to hurryup them.

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