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Problems With Credit Card

Hello Everyone,


I am new to upwork.com please if this is not the right place to make this post kindly direct me and also forgive me. I had a problem while filling in my Payment "Billing Method" although I could not find PayPal option button to click on the only payment option that came up was making payment to service providers through credit card billing after entering all my credit card details and clicked on submit button A dialogue box came up saying my credit card information did not pass upwork.com security check.


Although I would rather make payments through Paypal which I am cofortable with I went for the credit card option since I could not find PayPal on the billing method page rather it was only credit card info that came up. I don't have any problem with my credit because its the same credit card I registered with my Paypal account so I was very surprise when that message came up that my card details did not make this website security check.


Please can someone help me in sorting out the issue I would have prefared the Paypal option rather than the credit card. But if for some reason Paypal is not possible as an alternative to credit card then I would be very much greatful if my credit card details is accepted so that I can go on with my service with upwork.com.

I urgently need this problem fixed because I have so much work to do which I have no other option than to suspend them for now until this account billing situation is put to rest I thank you all your time.



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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Victor,


Unfortunately, PayPal is not available to be added as a payment method in your country. As for the credit card, please note that Upwork has to verify it before it can be added as a payment method. Please, check with your bank if the verification charges could be applied.


Here is more information about the verification process.

~ Valeria