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Processing fees from Upwork

I'm looking to use Upwork for the 1st time and hire a Freelancer however, the processing fees Upwork charges for swiping a credit card is unacceptable yet illegal in the state of Texas. We do not charge our customer credit card processing fees and we are sure NOT going to pay processing fees. Please advise or I will be forced to terminate our account with Upwork. 


Residents of Texas are indeed able to use Upwork as both clients and freelancers.


You are correct that there is a standard payment processing and administration fee. It is not a credit card swiping fee.

I can assure you that it is legal and you won't get in any trouble if you use this site as a client.


You may read more about this fee here:



Is there an option for residents of Texas to NOT pay that fee?


What, then are your options as an individual?
You may choose to use Upwork, or not use it.


Hi Robert, 


Thank you for your question about the payment processing and administration fee.  Upwork takes its legal responsibilities very seriously and always appreciates it when users raise any concerns they have.  We have evaluated these laws to ensure our compliance with respect to the payment processing and administration fee. Please note that the law in Texas concerning credit card fees was found to be unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court and therefore no longer applies to any person. 

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