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Re: Why all new jobs are not showing on my wall

Hi Valeria,


I am looking into using Upwork for business, but it seems like it will be difficuly to recieve some form of proper costomer support, which is why I am openly writing this here, as I tried sending you a private messge and was told I hadn't the privalige to do so.


Since you are a moderator, maybe you can help to asnwer my questions, or put me in the right direction for them to be answered.


If I encounter a problem of any type with a freelancer, or about payment issues, how can I get this resolve? How effecient is the support protocols on Upwork? Is there a way to get in contact with support over the phone?


Hope to hear from you!



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Delano,


Whenever you have a question or need help resolving an issue, you can access help options and a lot of information about everything Upwork in the Help Center. You can also post it here in the Community and get tips from other members and us moderators.

~ Valeria