Referral credit not showing up in account

I am using a $100 credit that I received from a friend as a direct link from her blog post. The credit is not showing up in my account and I can't even figure out where I would see this. I searched all through the help but do not find the help section very helpful. 


Has someone used a credit and if so, how did they know where to find it?


This is my first time using Upwork and so far, it has seemed like a lot of work to use a free credit and may dissuade me from using it further when it is over.


Thank you. 


Upwork does not have a referral program.

Do you have a promo code? You can fill out a ticket here to have someone assist you redeem the credit.

Thank you for the link to the help section. I couldn't find anywhere online that I could send a direct message to someone.


It wasn't a referral code, it was some kind of link to give me credit.


Much appreciated!

@Marcey R wrote:

It wasn't a referral code, it was some kind of link to give me credit.


Those are usually only valid for the potential clients Upwork gave them to, but let Support check for you, I am sure they'll be able to clarify it for you!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Marcey,


Thank you for submitting a ticket. We'll have somebody from the team reply as soon as possible and assist you with applying your credit.

~ Valeria