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Hello guys actually I am a new client on upwork I just gave my task to a lady but I dont need that work anymore so I canceled the project and she cancel the approval as well so after doing this I will be able to get refund automatically and if yes so how long It will take to refund .. please reply my post thank you

You just cost her some points from her JS score, I thought it my duty to make you aware of that fact.

About your matter, you should take it up with Customer Support as a client.
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If she worked for you already and spent some time doing the project for you,  I don't see how is that her problem that you don't need that work anymore. She worked for it-she should get paid. End of story. I really, really hope she won't issue you refund.


If you opened the contract with her and  you decided to cancel it, but she didn't log in any hours, the contract is just cancelled but you still took her time and affected her score. Contact CS (customer service ) anyway because they will help you with this. 


If you cancelled a project for which no hourly work was done yet, and no fixed-price milestones were yet submitted, then you should automatically not be charged anything.

If you paid any kind of upfront payment that the contractor, as you explained, cancelled, then you should be in the clear and incur no fees.

But if any work was done and already charged to your account, then you will want to be appreciative of the timely manner in which the work was done and you will not want any refund, as there is no way for you to "undo" the time and effort a contractor already provided, and you can't "ship it back" to be restocked.

I think this thread was meant for the "Client" area.

And for the record a freelancer cannot "cancel" a submission for approval. There is only the option to resubmit.
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