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Refund disappeared

Hi! I got 135$ refund from freelancer on my account. It was on my account's balance for a while. After, it just disapered. I didn't got it back to any of my cards. It just disapered. 


Hi Arsenii,


Thank you for reaching out to us. It looks like the refund was used to cover part of the invoice you received last 5th of February. The amount invoiced was $543.33 and a marketplace fee of $27.17, but if you check your outstanding balance, it's down to $428.75. 


You can check this on your Transaction History page

~ AJ

Hi Annie, on my client account there's the refund from my previous order. If I want to hire someone again, is there any payment selection to that balance available on my transaction history instead paying with my card? 

Hi Mikhael,


Thank you for reaching out. Your balance will be used first before Upwork charges your billing method.

~ AJ

thanks Annie for answering my question

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Ops just wanna know how it feels. 
God forbid that it ever happens to me or anyone. Digital wallets can be a mess. 

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