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Remain project open for fixed price contract

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Jesper J Member Since: Jul 30, 2019
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I made a fixed-price contract with an Upwork freelancer, and the project took more time than expected. Our freelancer got the below message and we want the contract to be open. How do we do it? We have not received the email from Upwork??


We recently contacted your client, xxxxxx about Recoding of www.xxxxxxx to and Angular (latest version), which has been idle for over 76 days.
Per the escrow instructions for fixed-price contracts and for your security, we notified your client that they need to take action on this contract in order for it to remain open.
If no new milestone updates, payments or refunds are made in the next 2 weeks, this contract will be closed. You'll then receive a refund request for $xxxx (the funds still in escrow).
If you feel the refund isn't warranted, you will have 7 days to dispute it once you receive the request.
If you feel this contract should remain open, please contact your client. Should the contract be closed due to inactivity, your client will be notified about the option to leave feedback.

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Simply make sure you release some part of the funds (it can be as little as a few dollars) to the freelancer, then use the remaining escrow funds to set up a new milestone.


That way the contract will stay open another 3 months.