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Re: Reports

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Craig W Member Since: Jul 30, 2019
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Is this correct? I now need to pay a fee to see reports summarizing the the money I spent and who I spent it on?   So you don't charge a fee for hiring people, but charge a fee to track my expenses.    
Are you seriously?

Community Leader
Md E Member Since: Apr 26, 2018
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You can visit here to know more details about clients membership plan. 

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Dan P Member Since: Aug 5, 2019
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This was a terrible decision. Eliminating the reporting tools for basic plan users does not make anything "easier." It makes managing freelancers -- and using Upwork -- harder. I had relied on the simple spreadsheet downloads for years. Because of Upwork's terrible decision, I will be curtailing my usage of Upwork.  

Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Craig,


As part of the Basic plan you have access to several reports:

-Transaction report. This gives you a detailed view of all your Upwork transactions.

-Freelancer work diaries. As Petra explained, you can visit the Contract Room for any project to see a freelancer’s Work Diary.

-Weekly Summary email. Account admins will get this weekly email report, which includes details such as the hours logged by your freelancer(s).

Based on data about how clients use reports, we expect that the tools above will give the majority of clients the information they need to manage their projects. However, in cases where clients need more information, we are offering the paid Client Plus plan.


Thank you.

~ Bojan

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Eric J Member Since: Aug 2, 2019
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As a paying customer of Upwork I have a right to know what I'm paying for so I can accurately bill my clients and do my taxes. Why should I have to pay $50 for a detailed 'receipt'? Downloading a .csv file showing the hours and tasks performed is a BASIC function.


As a BASIC customer who spends tens of thousands of dollars through Upwork I am insulted. Annoying your good customers by forcing us to hunt and peck though data points day by day and hour by hour is not going to convince us to 'upgrade'. I will convince me to seek alternatives, so it's crap marketing on your part.


By my calculation, when I pay a freelancer $10,000 Upwork receives $1,300- 10% from the freelancer and 3% from me. That's not enough to get a .csv file? You need another $50?


You should change your BASIC description to read:

"…includes everything an individual or small team needs to succeed on Upwork." except the ability to know what you're paying for unless you spend hours compiling fragments of data yourself.

Community Manager
Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Eric,


We're sorry for the frustration the new membership plan changes have caused. Although you're unhappy with the changes, we sincerely appreciate it that you're sharing your thoughts. The new memberships are designed to make it easier for businesses to be flexible and select the plan that works best for them at any given time. I understand you're unhappy with the report features available on the Basic plan and will be sharing your feedback with our Product team for their consideration.

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Teri R Member Since: Apr 21, 2017
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I agree with Eric. It is absurd that you want to now charge us for the reports that were available as part of your service. You have increased your fees AND now want to charge us additional fees for the reports. Time to find a new time and billing platform. Goodbye Upwork.

Community Guru
Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Maybe a compromise plan could be put into effect:


Upwork changes its client membership plans to EXACTLY what they have proposed...


BUT... CURRENT clients who have already been hiring on Upwork could continue to have the same level of reporting features that they had before. Their reporting functionalty could be "grandfathered" in.


New client would be presented with the available plans, and if they choose a basic plan, they won't be missing anything because they never had it.

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Eric J Member Since: Aug 2, 2019
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Or perhaps the $49 fee should be credited toward the 3% Upwork commission. So a basic user like me who routinely pays freelancers more than $1,500 per month would not see any increase. 

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Craig W Member Since: Jul 30, 2019
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Both comments you made were spot on Eric.


Upwork, you are not listening, you are only performing damage control, it’s a little obvious.

Vladimir G, thank you for replying.  You mentioned “new memberships are designed to make it easier for businesses to…”  Stop right there and take a bow.  Your plans are obviously not designed to make it easier for the client (me), my life is now harder. 


These plans are designed to make you money because we would be idiots not to want easy to read summary reports and we are foolish enough to give you money for it.  Well, not me😊.  I need simple reports so I can find out who I am paying, how much, how fast I am spending money and I also need to see if anyone is taking advantage of the freedom, I give them to manually upload hours.

To all Upwork personnel, especially those that reply to this comment, the tide has shifted on businesses, humans are the biggest commodity on earth, you need us, and we do not need you.  Apple needs us, Netflix needs us, every company needs us because everyone makes everything and now companies must fight for us.  Anyone can copy and paste a webservice, have you ever heard of myspace?


I signed up thinking the service was easy to use, I presumed I would always have access to those reports.  Please reinstate the Weekly summary, Budget report, timesheet by freelancer, time by active, etc.


Thank you,