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Request a refund for a contract automatically ended by Upwork


As I client, I posted a job and hired a freelancer a few months ago.
It is an architectural visualization project for a villa that I am working on.
The project took much longer than expected, partially because of late feedback from the villa owner and partially because of the freelancer's late responses and repetitive mistakes in the rendering process.

Because of the contract inactivity, Upwork automatically ended the contract.
As I already paid 2 out of 4 milestones to the freelancer now I want to request a full refund because of the reasons listed below:

Firstly, the freelancer I hired was unprofessional and consistently late with submissions and revisions as time went on. Secondly, the freelancer made repetitive mistakes that were pointed out from the very beginning and even in the first draft submissions.

Thirdly, the quality of the last submission was lower than the previous ones and the freelancer did not accept my comments, despite them being repeated multiple times. Due to these issues, I had to hire another freelancer to complete the work, which means I had to pay for the same work twice.

As a result, I would like a full refund. The delays and incomplete work only caused unnecessary strain on my budget, time and energy. As someone who has worked as a freelancer for three years, I find it difficult to understand how someone can be so irresponsible and ignore a client's comments. I had made it clear and precise for the freelancer, but they chose to act unprofessionally and did not show any interest in completing the project to the best of their ability.

In conclusion, I request a full refund due to the freelancer's unprofessionalism and disregard for my requests.


How can I raise a dispute now when the contract is ended and request a full refund?

Many thanks!



Hi Nemanja,


I'm sorry to hear about your experience. If the payment was released from escrow within the last 30 days you can request a refund from talent through Upwork and file a dispute if they refuse. You can still request a refund of released funds for up to 180 days after payment is released, but you will only be able to file a dispute for the first 30 days. After that, it is up to the freelancer or agency whether to give you a refund. Go to this help article to learn more about this process.


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