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Require my credit card info in order to post jobs?


I'm still new to this platform.  I've created a couple of jobs and posted them, but they aren't posted until I add my credit card details.  I'm a bit concerned, is that okay to do?  Wil Upwork charge me any 'verification fees' or any other fees once I add my card details?  As I haven't confirmed any jobs yet, I shouldn't be charged anything.

Could someone confirm this please?


Thank you.


Hi Lamia, 


Thank you for reaching out to us. I would be happy to help. I would like to clarify that posting a job is free, but we will verify your billing method to prevent scams.

You won’t be charged until you’re ready and have entered a contract with the freelancer you choose to work with. Our hourly and fixed-price payment protection holds the payment until you approve the work you receive. 


You may want to check this help article for more information. Feel free to also check this article about client fees. Let us know if you have more questions. 

~ Nikola
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Nikola S.,


As a moderator, you must know that your blanket statement, "Our hourly and fixed-price payment protection holds the payment until you approve the work you receive" is wrong. 


In many (most?) circumstances, that is simply not the case.


As you should know, under Upwork's rules money in escrow for a fixed price contract is released by Upwork automatically after 14 days if no approval from the client for the work submitted is received.


Weekly payments on hourly contracts are, in my experience, released without any input whatsoever from the client. The client can dispute some or all hourly hours worked by the freelancer, but if the freelancer has properly used TimeTracker there is nothing the client can do or say that prevents payment being processed for the freelancer.


In short, the majority of the time payments for both fixed price and hourly work done by freelancers are released without any input from their clients.


See: Upwork Legal Center, Upwork Legal Center

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Will!

That's a very helpful observation, and I appreciate that you took the time to flag it. We took this response from an Upwork Help Center article, and while we (our team) understand what it means, other members of the Upwork marketplace may take this as something else. We considered your feedback, and the Help Center team is looking into this. 

Thank you! 

~ Avery
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