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Review change

One of my vendors asked me for a 5 star review when he knew he wasn’t deserving of it in light of many recurring issues we had with him. At the end I gave him a 4.5 star. I found out a few things were still left undone on the work. I tried to contact him and get him to finish the revisions he left undone. I suspect he is not responding because I didn’t comply with his request. I really want to change the reviews because of that and the fact that a 4.5 star was already a stretch. How can I get that to be changed?

Hi Wilson,


I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience with this freelancer. If you'd like to change the feedback you left for him, he'll need to enable you to do so on his end. You can learn more about how freelancers can enable clients to change their feedback here



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