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Ripped off?

Hi, I hope someone can advise.


I have an incomplete job through a freelancer on Odesk. Being an idiot, I actually paid them the full amount before they finished the final bit of my work. 


Now, they are ignoring all communications. I emailed Odesk customer services and they have not responded. 


The freelancers are in India, so the contract is hard to enforce in any other way other than through Odesk - who are not doing anything?


Is this just a complete scam? Do Odesk actually help out? 


Any tips would be great. 


Hi Donald,

I’m so sorry this has happened to you.


Let me say that I have had enough experience with working on oDesk as well as with hiring freelancers to know that not everyone here is not a scam artist. But I also suspect there is very little oDesk can do if you have paid someone in full before they have finished the work. If that payment has landed in the scam artist’s bank account, there’s probably not much oDesk can do to get it back.


I hope you won’t give up on oDesk. Just keep in mind when hiring, the rule of thumb here is to be even more cautious and practical than you would be if you were hiring that freelancer in person. Come up with a payment plan that withholds the final payment until you have received the work and you are 100% satisfied. Also keep in mind that the freelancer will be wary that you might try to take his work and disappear without pay HIM. So work out a payment plan that is beneficial to both of you.


Good luck,


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Donald,


I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience. To ensure activity and deliverables, we always advise setting up Milestones for the job, and only releasing payment for a Milestone once you're satisfied with the work freelancer delivered. Please keep checking your Support ticket for updates and report the freelancers you worked with.


re: "I have an incomplete job through a freelancer on Odesk... I actually paid them the full amount before they finished the final bit of my work... Any tips would be great"


I feel bad for your situation, but you story is incomplete.


What is the "final bit?"


Did they finish just 50% and then you paid them? Did they finish 99.9%?


Did you hire them to write a book for you and they didn't paint a cover? We don't know. Feel free to share more details so we can better assess the situation.


If you paid them the full amount, they may well think the project was completed.


If they did 99% of the job, then they may think you are now asking for something that goes beyond the scope of the job as originally agreed upon.


In any case, if they're not responding to communications, and you already paid for the job... if you really want to get the job finished, you probably should not try to get them to finish it, but should post a new job listing for somebody else to do the "final bit."

I agree with preston. we need more details before we can properly assess the situation.. 


I hope the job might be related to software development as its related with India. Assuming that let me explain few points


The process of setting up a Development company in India is very easy. Hire a residential place pay rent per month, recruit some students who has just passed out from any CS college, get some contacts from freelancing sites like this and call them as client. simple rit? 🙂 that’s is how the most of the medium to small level software development company works here. Workers are non than the students who needs to get trained. Each year there are thousands of graduate comes out of college in search of job. Some will end up in big cmm level 5 companies. But many wont be that much lucky.


There are some companies who are even though on start-up level they will have the goal set for growth. These companies needs clients and who will be venturing from zero and really wants to grow.


I do find certain unpleasant things with job providers. Clients living abroad will give one set of scope at the initial stage, something like "implement this" as a one line requirement but then they will be hiding some relevant portion just to get work in a smart ways.


So unless and until the issue is transparent from both end this can not be resolved.


I will give a check list to ensure that you are approaching a proper person.


If the worker projects himself as a individual then get one his Identity proof.

1)PAN card number
2)aadhar card
3)Driving licence
5)ration card
6)Votes Id

Demand any or all of this in a scanned image. Call him in a video chat to confirm. If a person says that he has got non of the above then he is a total fake. He or She needs any of this for living.


On the other hand, if a person representing himself as company then get the company registration number. Every company, who pays tax and pays sal to its workers need to register under Indian companies act. Now the catch. get confirmed if its a real or fabricated. Government has some sits to list those who has been registered. 


Always insist of getting a working phone number so that you could call up and talk on official working times.


I think you will still have hope if you trace him in facebook.. 😄


Hope this helps..


This sound exactly like my story with my freelancer. I was stupd to allow the funds to keep coming out off my account, and was being told by this freelancer that he was doing back end work. when i looked closer the screenshots he was taking were fake and didnt make sense, and ive had a website designer look at them and he fell to the floor saying ' you allowed someone to rip you off".


Ill answer in regards to odesk helps. NO NO NO ive contacted them so many times and explained all and now that time has lasped they say its late and to try communicate with the freelancer. Off course i still tried that and off course he isnt going to reply. i SPENT $460 dollars and 6 months later after ben promised 2 months i have nothing to show for it. 



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