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Risk Management Team is absolutely unreachable ...

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David G Member Since: Jul 14, 2015
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Guys, your risk management team doing some operations based on the ideas that have no signs of support
in the real world and then these guys became unreachable and leaving contracts in the air.

I hired some makedonian guy to build web site for me and payed 1500$
Upworks risk management team suspended my account based on idea that I somehow linked to this guy, although I have never been in makedonia,
have israel and romanian passports (provided copies), usa address and paying by usa credit card (approved, on my name, same as my passports).

This risk management team could not be reached and I already preparing moving all my contractors to my corporate payoneer account
fortuantely, I have payoneer corporate account and payoneer allows to join odesk payoneer cards to another account as well without major destraction
and timedoctor to bypass this stupid odesk service. This is probably going to be my next step if issue will not going to be resolved today.

For all guys that have similar problems and would like to leave the service, togeher with their contracts, I would advise the following procedure:

1. Open corporate payoneer account and do wires to payoneer - pretty easy, they are working with all forms of corp and llc
   Then your contractors will be able to join their payoneer cards from odesk to your payoneer corp account as well.

2. Sign on timedoctor or similar service to monitor your contractors - there are multiple services that allows to sign screenshots and
   mouse/keybord and even analyze operations - work, not work

move out of here ... i am tired from their terrible support ...


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David G Member Since: Jul 14, 2015
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interesting, is a standard post-aquisition muddle or they alsways worked this way ?

I worked with odesk from 2010 and hired from multiple companies, but never seen that kind of paying customer ignorance.

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David G Member Since: Jul 14, 2015
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Ok, I have to notice that they resolved the issue and resumed account within one day.

Did not expect that after all messages that I read here :-)