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Save, Decline, Shortlist and Archive Candidates - what are the differences ?

1) What is the difference between Saved Candidates and Archived Candidates?  How should a Client use either?


2) After hiring a Candidate for a Job, is there any way to access previously Saved and Archived Candidates?


3) If a Candidate is Saved or Archived, and subsequently Declined, do they remain in the Saved or Archived Candidates list ?  If not, is there anyway to find them again ?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Mahesh,


You can save freelancer profiles you liked if you would like to contact them later. You can always find their profiles under Freelances> My Freelancers> Saved:




You can archive a freelancer's proposal if you are not interested in hiring them for your job. You can still access their proposal by going to Jobs> My Jobs, clicking on the name of the job post (you may need to View all job postings if the job was awarded and closed) and click on Archived tab.





~ Valeria

Thanks.  What happens to candidates who are Declined ?   What if they were Shortlisted or Archived or Saved before ?

Hi Mahesh,


Declined proposals are also sent to the Archived tab.


If they were shortlised before, they won't show up in the Review Proposals tab any more when this filter is used.


The freelancer's profile will still be displayed in the Saved folder on the My Freelancers page in case their proposal is declined.


If you decline a proposal which was archived before, it will still show up under the Archived tab in the declined applicants section.

~ Vladimir

What happens if I decline a candidate and then I decide that I actually do want to hire him? Is there any way to undo declining a candidate?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Isaac,


In that case, you can send an offer directly to the declined freelancer by going to their profile and using the Hire Now button. There's no option to reverse the action once you decline a freelancer's proposal.

~ Vladimir

Do the freelancers know that I have archived them?  Are they notified?

Hi Patricia,

Freelancers are able to see that their proposals have been archived.


Thanks.  That contradicts what it says when I hover over the "archive" thumbs down - which says "the freelancer will not see that they have been archived".  I saw this just after submitting the question here - who is correct?  You, or the Upwork auto tag?




I apologize for my previous answer, it is correct that the freelancer will not see that you have archived their proposal. However their proposal will show up as being archived on their end if you have declined their proposal or closed the job. Simply archiving the proposal on your end will not cause a notification to the freelancer. I apologize again for causing confusion with my original answer.