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Saved favorites have disappeared

This morning I was going to my saved freelancers and only catagories showing were "hired" and "past hired". Any idea on how to bring back all of my saved freelancers?

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Don,

Please clear your cache and cookies or log in with another browser. I checked this from my end and your saved freelancers are showing, if you`re still unable to view this section let me know, thank you!

~ Goran

Thank you for the response. I cleared cookies, cache and opened in a new browser--no luck

Hi Don,

Sorry to hear that this is still not working for you. Could you please attach a screenshot of the page that you're seeing when trying to view your saved freelancers, so that we can escalate this concern along with your screenshot to our support team for further assistance. Thank you!


I can't locate my saved favorites either. I always look at them, before posting a job. I have a new laptop, not long enought to be clogged up yet. I'm not even sure where to look to find them. It's all very strange. Please, help.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi K, 

You may view your Saved Freelancers list by going to your Freelancers page > click on the Find Freelancers link > and clicking on the Saved Freelancers tab. 

K, please know that you are also not allowed to use a picture other than yourself on your profile image, as it is a violation of the Upwork Terms of Service. The team will follow up with you with more information. 

~ Avery
Community Member

Thank you! Found it and changed my photo (sorry, didn't know).

I wish it was easier to find the saved freelancers.

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