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Scam Freelancer

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Marco L Member Since: Feb 12, 2017
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Just wanted everyone to be aware, I posted a fixed rate job and had freelancer **Edited for Community Guidelines** respond via message, He first mentioned that he thought hourly based would be best. I expressed to him that I had several bad experiences using hourly format. fixed rate is what I posted and that is what I am comfortable with. He said "ok," Then  agreed to do the job. I created the first milestone and he used the accept interview button (which I did not know it even existed) I get an email stating the interview has been accepted, I confused this for the "Job has been accepted email" I usually get, and proceeded to grant access to server, sql, admin, and frontend.


Then this scammer responds:


**Edited for Community Guidelines**


Confused by the sudden pivot.I responded "ok, I can add diffrence with Bonus no big deal; give me an estimate on the hours,and then we can move to an hourly format after this first job" I figured this way I will know if he is like most freelancers out there who run up the clock.


Be advised that freelancers who run up the clock (a very real scam which occurs alot on upwork) never want to give estimates, nor work fixed price.  If your feelancer makes giving out a quote or estimate before working a next to impossible task, then this should raise red flags.


He then responded:

**Edited for Community Guidelines**


This sudden pivot after agreeing to work fixed price and having access to my entire server, I will now look out for this guy using my script elsewhere.

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Mike Y Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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Why you consider this scam? Not happy with terms? Move on, choose another freelancer. There are situations that estimate can't be really made without getting into the piles of code, that is true, so freelancer wanted to make himself comfortable you paying for his estimation. Thats it.


Hourly gives him extra protection that he will receive payment in most of cases, while fixed rate may be a gamble.

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Cesare D Member Since: Feb 4, 2017
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This doesn't sound like a scam at all. He is in the driver's seat as a freelancer. He decides the jobs he want to bid on, the clients he wants to work with, and what jobs he feels are paying him what he is worth.

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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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Most savvy freelancers will not agree to bonus payments from unknown clients.


I don't think the freelancer was scamming you. It is against the forum regulations to name and shame - even if you have reason, which in this case, you may or may not have.


But why don't you ask customer support (if you can find them) to check it out for you.

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John K Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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All I can add is, before you give a freelancer access to a server, make sure he accepted the contract offer.

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Jennifer D Member Since: Feb 15, 2016
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If a freelancer isn't happy working on your project in the way you've set it up, and that makes you uncomfortable for some reason, why hire them? Just pick someone else. There's so many freelancers here, there's no reason to work with any freelancer that makes you uncomfortable for any reason.