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Scam involving paid work that they would chargeback



I received multiple offers from the same client requesting for work to be done where they would make the offer, pick my profile, and once I'd sent the work they would request a chargeback without notice. This results in my Upwork account then being partially suspended (I can't make withdrawals) until the payment goes back to their bank. I'm looking to report the client and their multiple accounts. Please help. 


They've contacted me off Upwork to say it was a misunderstanding and that they would solve the issue but never did and my account was debited. 


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What type of work were you doing?

I was writing blog articles. 

re: "I was writing blog articles."


Well... If it is any consolation:
Freelancers own work that they don't get paid for.


So if you end up not getting paid for articles you wrote, then you are welcome to do whatever you want with the articles. You could post them in your portfolio. And elsewhere.


Hi Namya,


I'm sorry to hear about your experience. It looks like you're already in contact with our Support team. I followed up with the team handling your concern and they will update your ticket to assist you further. You can access your support tickets on this page.

~ AJ
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Hi Namya,

How did you find out it was the same client posting from different accounts?  And were your working with fixed-price or hourly contracts?

Good questions.

The client had contacted me via WhatsApp saying something was wrong with their account and told me to accept an offer from the other account. 

It is strictly forbidden to talk outside of upwork before hire. The reason: you will not be a victim of a scammer. 

If a client told me he was having trouble with this account, I would: 

1. not believe him. 

2. wait until his troubles are resolved.

What I would not do is agree to be paid outside of upwork because I don't want to be suspended. 

A freelancer can be suspended just for TALKING with a client about getting paid off platform. Even if they don't do it.

I was contacted off the platform after hire, and paid via Upwork. There was no conversation about being paid via a different platform. 

re: "I was contacted off the platform after hire, and paid via Upwork. There was no conversation about being paid via a different platform."

Thank you for clarifying that.

It sounds like you are knowledgeable about how to use Upwork correctly. You ran into a problematic client. I'm sorry you encountered this.

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