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Scammed. Where is the customer service?

I got scammed and I need to speak to someone directly. Everything is automated.

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I am someone. And I am not automated.


All of us in the Community Forum are real people.


Tell us briefly what happened and we will help you out.

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First time here and we agreed on a fixed price. He told me to get on zoom and we discussed it there while he walked me through.  He told me to put it on hourly and he will cancel it later. So he made me make a new convo and post on upwork. I was helping him out and I agreed to play along to give him a good review. So he tells me to say 1000 in his convo. He said that once I get the bill I can ignore it and he can return my money. He drags on, surely enough too make it 1000 then closes and leaves me with a bill. I ask for a refund and I will still pay on the fixed price we agreed on. He rejects and I dispute. The dispute was nothing they refunded me a few $. He told me after he canceled he will continue to work on the project. He did nothing I needed, nothing was done but a fake work diary. 

Hi Alan,

I'm sorry to hear about your experience with this freelancer. I can see you were able to submit a support ticket with our team regarding this. Please reply directly here as the team is waiting for your confirmation in order to assist you further.



Alan, you provided a thorough description of what happened.


It sounds like you already know that you used the Upwork tool incorrectly. It sounds like you already know that pretty much everything you did was wrong, and the end result was that you paid a lot of money and did not achieve your goals.


Do you have any remaining questions at this time?

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I know now that it's been done.. I didn't think anyone on here would be like that.

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He needs to be banned for lying and misleading. He provided false work dairy and has multiple whatsapp accounts. Also he told me he has been banned before. His page is full of fake reviews and the video on his page isn't even his.

I am a very active participant in the Forum. I am certain that every regular participant and Upwork moderator here agrees with you:


The freelancer you described is indeed a scammer and should indeed be permanently terminated from the platform.


Thank you for your willingness to help other Upwork clients by reporting this bad freelancer. Despite your own personal loss, you were willing to help others, and that is commendable.

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