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Scammer in Upwork, Watch Out!!

Hi everyone,

I received a direct offer from a suspicious Client, which he asked me to send him a payment via Payoneer and in return he send me a Bonus through Upwork with the same amount including Upwork fees and 450$ commission.

I instantly found this weird and i have done some researches in Internet and i found that this method is used ofter to scam freelancers and steal their money because after sending the amount via Payoneer you will lose your money and you will not receive the Bonus because there are insufficient funds on the client's Upwork account.

I accepted his offer and then I closed it to submit a bad feedback to to warn other freelancers about this.

Please watch out and don't fall to this guys.


Thanks for telling us about it here. Upwork is very aware of this scam and always does their utmost to prevent freelancers from being scammed, including preventing these posts from being posted in the first place.

Assuming there will be no money paid on this contract - scammers don't pay - your feedback will never appear in the client's account. The best strategy is to never interact with scammers, their account will get suspended, your profile could get a hold, it's not worth the trouble since you don't even achieve your intended goal.  

Upwork intends for freelancers to sell real skills, and not engage in money laundering. This can have very bad consequences for everybody. 

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