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What to do about scammers??? I want to report them. Where can I do that? I have a freelancer working for a coworker of mine telling her that she must pay before she is able to review the work. Please, any advice would be great. I want these people off of upwork.


**edited for Community Guidelines**is her name.

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Hi Katie,


Please, have your co-worker contact Upwork Customer Support. They will be able to assist her with this issue.


Thank you.

~ Valeria

If they mean "they must pay" as in 'funding escrow', then the freelancer is well within their rights not to provide the work until the funding is in place.


If the escrow is funded, and the freelancer wants it released prior to sending over the work, then it might not be a scam... the freelancer might just not want to hang around for 14 days or they might not understand exactly how the system works. Either way, funding escrow is highly recommended. Releasing escrow before you've seen the work is not highly recommended. 


Just explain to the freelancer that the process is that they submit files for review, the files are reviewed and approved, funds are released and everyone is a winner. That's the official process for wrapping up a project and that process starts with the freelancer submitting work for review. No submitted work, no payment. 

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