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Semi-Large Project. Paid 2 weeks and funded the 3rd. My client hasn't done much, what do I do?

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So I have this 1 freelancer that I've hired for a job with Facebook Ads. I pay him relatively very high, $1000 USD per week. I feel as if I've been scammed but not really scammed and I am unsure of what I should do at this point.


I hired him to make facebook ads, optimize ads, ad copy, etc. It's almost the 3rd week of payment now and I want to cut him out but how do I get the funded milestone money back? Also is there anything I can do for the previous 2 weeks?


So far, this is how the job went:


Week 1) It supposedly took him a full week and a few days to analyse the Facebook ads. He kept insisting that he was a professional but every time I made a comment or suggestion, he would say my idea was totally outrageous and stupid. I have a lot of knowledge with Facebook ads and I was hoping to find someone even better than me. I gave him the benefit of the doubt to continue with his skills in the Facebook Ads.


Week 2) Something has been implemented in the Facebook Business account.. Something that would have taken me 1.5 hours to do, I am absolutely not kidding. He tells me that it took him a lot of time to do. I again gave him the benefit of the doubt. 

I've asked him why so little work was done and how come we are not going by the plans of traffic generation, conversions, etc. He tells me that it should be implemented within "24 Hours from now". As I am typing this out, its been probably 4-6 days since he said that and there is still no other work that he has implemented.


Week 3) It's almost the end of week 3 and there has been absolutely nothing implemented. I gave him the benefit of the doubt 2 times, I regret doing that but I know some things take time and patience. 



I absolutely regret hiring this guy, he was new to Upwork and I am his first employer. I really hope that I could get every dollar back from this transaction but that is probably not possible. 


There is a funded milestone for the 3rd week, can I at least get that back? Is it possible to get the 1st and 2nd week milestone back as well?



Replies would be greatly appreciated!

PS. Although this happened to me, I still feel that UpWork is the best online freelancing marketplace Smiley Very Happy

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It sounds like this is a fixed-price contract, not an hourly contract? If that's the case, then you shouldn't release milestones until what was agreed on is delivered. The milestone system is designed to allow a client to pay on delivery of a specific deliverable.


If you have money in escrow for your third milestone, you can close the contract. The freelancer will be asked to approve the refund of the money in escrow. If they don't, it will go to dispute.


For the first two milestones that you released, there's no way for you to get that money back. By releasing it you are saying that you are happy with the milestone and consider it complete.

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