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Separate freelance and client profile



I active using and freelance and client profile.  Before some days, I get a phone call from some freelancer who sends proposal on my job, and I had interview with him. This is not big dill, i get phone call wow, and this guy offer his service. The point is, client/director of the company wants to get more privacy. I understand that freelance profile must be transparent, but for client profile, you can make some different options- custom picture, name, or if you can not make privacy, give us the option to put for conversation some other person.


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Hello Aleksandar,


The client and freelancer profile are two different entities even though you have a client and a freelancer account using the same username/email address. You can easily switch accounts by going to your accounts menu. You may learn more about that here. Thank you.


My picture and name from freelance profile will be same on client profile  ,right ?

Hi Aleksandar,

Your name will be the same but you will need to add your profile image again if you would like to be showed to freelancers, thank you!

~ Goran

Hi, here are 2 notes to this topic: I am an Elance/Upwork client since 10 years. Today I decided to add the Freelancer Profile. Filling out my profile as freelancer I experienced 2 problems which I couldnt find solution for:

1: The system decided my country is Australia and it doesnt allow to change my country to the present one (Germany). How to solve this bug? (Screenshot: **Edited for Community Guidelines** )


2: I'd like to have different profile photo for my client and for my freelancer profiles. Even if I switch between profiles in the right top corner, the system changes only my freelancer profile photo. The client profile stays empty 😞  Screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t9c5m1z80kq5tmw/bugUpwork2ndPhotoNotPossible.png?dl=0


Thank you in advance!

Jaroslav Plotnikov

aka JP


Thanks in advance for your hints or manuals.

Regards from Berlin


aka JP

Hi Jaroslav,


Thanks for reaching out to us. I have updated your country from Australia to Germany. As for your second question, to change your Client's profile photo please go to Settings > Company Details section > click the round image to add your company logo or a real photo of yourself. You can check out the screenshot hereLet us know if you need further assistance.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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