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Serious issue with freelancer: messed up our marketplaces account

Dear Upwork team,

Greetings from **Edited for Community Guidelines**
we would like to bring your attention that one of the freelancers called **Edited for Community Guidelines**
Freelancer id:  **Edited for Community Guidelines**
We assigned him a job to handle our company accounts of Amazon, Noon, Carrefour, Sharaf Dg, Sharjah Coop, and union coop on the date 20-oct-2020.
Ha was unable to handle the accounts properly he only work for Amazon. In the end, he was asking for the release full amount. But according to his work, we paid him partially.
In revenge, he messed up our all accounts, delete our live 900 listing on Amazon, and send abusive words to our customers yesterday. In a result, our accounts got blocked.
We are afraid that  Amazon expects to file a case against our company.

As a professional platform like Upwork, we request you take serious action against him and suspend his account. Arrange some compensation for us as well. he messed up our one-year hard work on marketplaces.
I am attaching the proofs for your reference, you can see our account is suspended and also I am attaching the screenshots as well that he send to our valuable customers.
Appreciate your understanding and support.
Looking for your positive response soon on it.
Kind regards,
Bait Al Tarfeeh
**Edited for Community Guidelines**

You need to go "support.Upwork.com" 

Hello Mr Nahid,

Thanks for your suggestion,

But the Upwork support system is not working since yesterday.
Do they have a direct calling number?


Kind regards


Maybe you should do hourly project for that kind of tasks. You can test a few freelancers to see how much they perform in 1 hour, and continue with the best performer only. You CAN find someone honest who will only log hours when they really work, but you DO need to spend some time at the beginning, to find this person. That's not a short-time project from what I see.


I don't think anyone with credibility will bid when they see fixed-price for that job description of yours. You have less than 5 bidders.


As for having a crook as your employee, you should think like this client below.



I stopped using Upwork anymore, this platform seems to be crowded with all kinds of scammer. I give it chance for 5 times already so far, NOT A SINGLE SOUL HERE does honest work here!! I was scammed by an SEO freelancer here who made empty promises at the beginning and achieved nothing and harmed my website afterall !!

Once you know about how can we directly reach to Upwork. I couldn't find a direct way.
Their support system is not working.

Hi Sheng X, so sorry to hear that happened to you. Always keep in mind that Freelancers will help you solve your problems and if you are going to put all business in their lap then they harm you sometimes.
So the best thing here is to know all things about your business and give your freelancer specific targets and continuously monitor them. Hope this might help.

Thanks for your valuable suggestions.

Sheng X wrote:

I give it chance for 5 times already so far, NOT A SINGLE SOUL HERE does honest work here!!

Sheng, it is unfortunate that your experiences thus far have left you dissatisfied, but disparaging every single hardworking, ethical freelancer on this platform is rather immature.

Dear Radia,

Thanks for your response,

We hired him on a monthly fixed project, but at the end of the month he all messed up.
Sending abusive words to our customers, deleting our one-year hard work listing on amazon.
That is completely unacceptable from a freelancer.
He destroys our account.

Let me know how can I communicate to Upwork and file a complaint against him.


Kind regards



About filing a complaint, I think we all agree that the freelancer is a crook but I'm nearly 100% sure Upwork can't provide you with any compensation. You might be able to dispute the released fund, but not without spending more time (for discussions), and also not guaranteed.


Upwork will probably suspend the freelancer if they believe the screenshots about him deleting the products and told your customers to **bleep**-off but that will be nothing for him because that was his first job.


Sorry I can only suggest, that you vet and test the freelancers more carefully in the future. Hourly project doesn't have to be more expensive when you have the right freelancer.


I'd also suggest to Upwork again about "shoving" information to new clients. About the importance of a project manager for some projects, and from this case maybe about "giving sensitive information to a new person".

Dear Radia,
I think Upwork will help hopefully, We will get the compensation as well. As freelancers destroy our accounts. We build this strong account after putting in so much effort time & money.

Kind regards

Dear Radia,

This information will help us a lot.




Hi Mohammed,


Thank you for your message. I am sorry to hear about your experience with the report Freelancer. I shared your report with our team and one of our agents will reach out to you using a support ticket to assist you further. You can access your support tickets here.


Thank you,



Dear Pradeep,
Thanks for reaching out to me,

I would like to inform you that I was unable to generate a ticket on Upwork because that functionality is not working. 
For confirmation I am sending you the WhatsApp screenshot with the freelancer you can also see, he made a big mistake and he accept it as well. And one more account got suspended because of him.
I am requesting you and your team take serious action against him, Arrange compensation for us as well.
He ruined our one-year hard work and marketplace accounts.


Looking for a positive response from the Upwork team.


Kind regards
Bait Al Tarfeeh


**Edited for Community Guidelines**

The $90 should've been used to test a number of freelancers. You're basically looking for virtual assistant whose comfortable with online marketplaces. Explain about this, and tasks to expect, in a simple job post. Look for <$15 hourly rate. There are good VAs with extreme low rates.


You will NOT get [less than 5 proposals] to choose from. You will get a lot. Look for the best 3 or more. Give Amazon Task 1 to a freelancer, Amazon Task 2 to the 2nd, Carrefour Task 1 to the 3rd, and so on. Limit to 1-2 hours depends on what you think you want to see for the time.


Don't forget about limiting account access until you get to trust them better.


Hopefully you can get 1 or more person you can trust, with this method. A person who log less than an hour a week  for the "customer follow-up" task (if you don't have many customers yet), etc.


If someone complains about the initial/test 1 hour limitation, dump them. They should know that no matter how good they are, it's normal for a new client to be careful. They got paid their hourly rate anyway!


And maybe this could help re-listing your product. I'm no Amazon seller but it's logical they don't really delete the deleted products. Sometimes it's better to "hide" an entry than delete it so you don't have to think about other entries related to it.

Hi Mohammed,


Thank you for your follow up message. I apologize for the experience with the Freelancer. I checked and noticed that our support team has already reached you via a ticket. You can access your support tickets here. Please share the additional evidences on the same ticket so that our team can include them in their investigation. Note that support requests are responded to in the order they are received. Kindly allow 24-48 hours for the team to follow up with you and assist you further.


Thank you,



Dear Pradeep,

Still, We did not get any solution to this!

As we have escalated our issue with the freelancer that is completely unacceptable, He ruined our accounts (one and half years of hard work). That cost around 900 AED ($245)to achieve it again.
We need to recover our loss, Either Upwork will compensate it or give the freelancer personal details such as passport and another identity.
So will file a case against him.
Hopefully, we will get full support from your team.


Kind regards,

Bait Al Tarfeeh

What a horrible experience. The level of unprofessionalism is astounding. 

Upwork, you need to suspend this freelancer immediately. Ruining a business and its reptutation for $60? Please make sure he can never do that to anyone else. 

Dear Martina,
Thanks for your valuable response to our case.
Yeah, He did not complete his job he destroy our Amazon account.

Hopefully, Upwork will take it seriously.



You should clear the purpose of hiring before hiring any freelancer.


I'm really sorry to hear it. Such people are creating a bad image of freelancers. 

But before hiring any freelancers, you must take some precautions so they can't ruin your career. 

Dear Asifa,

Thanks for your suggestions.


Kind regards




Very sorry to hear about your bad experience,  it was such childish behavior by the freelancer.  The freelancer not only caused you a major inconvenience (which you will definitely find a way to fix), but he/she also spoiled their Upwork career (which is unfixable). 


As a client,  you got to be careful about whom you are hiring and their credibility (ZERO trust policy,  only give access to what's required),  and as a freelancer, our job is to always think about the bigger freelancing community,  just because you are having one difficult client doesn't mean you do something stupid that not only affects the clients but to the freelancing community as well.


I hope things will be fixed for your amazon account and you will be able to make up for your losses. 




I am appalled by your freelancer's actions. And while you may not want to read this, Upwork most likely will not compensate your company for the damage caused by that freelancer, because they are not liable for any of it. However, you can take legal action against that freelancer. Upwork's ToS permit them to provide to you the freelancer's contact information for that purpose. I hope that you will be able to achieve your goals.

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