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Setting up weekly limits

I want to set the maximum weekly hours before I hire someone, not after. I have seen the help on this which says go to myjobs and options but I can't see the options so I can't set it.

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Andrew,


Just to clarify, are you trying to set a weekly limit on an offer or a contract.
If it's the second, you can add a weekly limit by following the steps below:

  1. Go Jobs  My Jobs
  2. Select Change weekly limit from the (...) options menu

If you have any additional questions, let me know. Thank you.

~ Goran

Hi and many thanks.
I am new to Upwork and am about to engage my first freelancer. I was hoping there would be somewhere I can set default limits on hourly rate arrangements. I have to say the web site is not very helpful for novices in areas such as these. So right now, I don’t actually know what I will be able to do either in the hiring process or beyond it.

Thank you for your feedback, Andrew.

Just to confirm, you can set a weekly limit when you`re sending an offer to your freelancer as well, and even after a contract is formed you can edit the limit at any time.
Please check out this Help Article to learn more about sending offers. There's also a video tutorial that shows the whole process. If something is still confusing, feel free to follow up here with additional questions. Thank you.

~ Goran
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