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Sharing website back end details

Hello Everyone,


The freelancer i'm communicating with has requested access to the back end of my website. All my clients information is in there and therefore I'm nervous about sharing such information with someone i don't know. What do people usually do in these cases. Regards,Diana

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There are lots of ways to handle this.


Why not simply provide this freelancer access to your development server which has the same debase schema and application source code, but only has fake/demonstration data?


Or hire a high-end freelancer you know you can trust with your client data.


As a high-end database designer, I am regularly provided with complete access to live client data. I also set up development database instances with fake data for junior developers to work with.


(I am not available to hire through the Forum, so don't ask me to do any of this for you. But others can.)


But the simple truth of the matter is this:

The chances are more than 99% that this freelancer you are talking to only wants to get paid for by you for helping you. Your client data is completely safe with him.

Thanks for the suggestion. I don't have a cloud based development server.
All this information sits with the developer I usually use but who is
unable to sort out my current issue. Therefore, i'm looking at hiring
someone who can have another look and can solve the problem.
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