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Small job and offering bonuses

I'm new to odesk and I have a couple of questions.


1. I have a web site form that we are experiencing problems with. I was thinking of hiring around 20 testers for an hour to test the form at $5/hour. Do you think I'll find any freelancers interested in doing this work?


2. I was thinking of offerring a bonus if someone provuides information that directly helps solve the issues, is there a way to do that?


Thanks, Mark


Also any tips to a new client to have a succesful project.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to oDesk, Mark!


You can definitely hire 20 freelancers for a job. Just make sure you specify it in the job posting that you expect to hire several freelancers. Also, make sure that you make an offer and create a contract with each freelancer that you would like to do the work.


There is an option to pay a bonus in addition to the hourly payment or agreed fixed-price amount, so you can definitely use the feature. You will see the button "Bonus" in the contract overview.


Check out our help articles for more information on hiring process and please, let us know if you have any further questions.

~ Valeria

Are the offers and contracts through the odesk system?


Everything has to be handled via the system.

Thanks Gillian.

Here's my job description any suggestions?


We are experiencing some intermittent problems with a registration form on a web site and are unable to replicate the problem. I'm looking for about 20 testers to test a registration form in several different browsers and document any problems they encounter. If you do report a bug that directly leads to solving our issues you will receive a bonus.


* Tester has access to several different browsers
* Tester will test for 1 hour
* Tester will document any problems, with steps to reproduce if at all possible


Required Skills
* attention to detail


Required Browsers
* Chrome
* Firefox
* IE


Your job post is good, but make sure to hire your contractors on an hourly contract so that you can verify their work diary, and do proper screening before hiring. Proper screening should at a minimum include reading through their cover letters, looking at their profiles and reading some previous feedback.


I like to include a short custom question or two in my job posts (there is a section for that when posting) as it's often quite telling and sometimes more powerful than a cover letter (that could be copy/paste). If possible, don't use the sample questions as they're not that helpful with evaluating candidates and don't ask a question that would require a really long answer (you want to be respectful of your and your applicants time). Good luck!


Thanks appreciate the feedback!