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Someone got access to my account and paid $7000 cad to workers and upwork won't do anything about it

Mid 2017 someone gets into my account without my knowledge or persmission and gets $7000 cad worth of work done by freelancers and when I notify upwork they tell me they can do anything. What is my next step? I can't just saw oh well and walk away from this...5 months later it still bothers me. I work hard for my money. 

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Hi Faisal,


I'm sorry your account was compromised and you lost money as a result. I have reviewed the communication you had with our security team back in August and September and see that they did everything they could to recover your funds and appropriate actions were taken against accounts involved. 


Please, refer to the most recent post on this ticket for more information as we won't be able to share details here in the Community.

~ Valeria
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