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Speaking with Freelancer

I'd like to speak with the Freelancer before I hire them.  How can I do that?  Is this acceptable to Upwork?

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Yes, you can invite his or speak with applied. It is interview stage.

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View their Profile, Portfolio, and message them with specific questions. Search for other freelancers also.

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Hi, You should search freelancers regarding your work you want to post. also you can post a job and take interviews as many as you want therecis no such limitation. So you can easily view thier profiles, their seriousness regarding their work. and you can list/add them for later work.


newbie here! When you go to hire a freelancer, and it says attach file when you are making a pyament, is that where we are supposed to upload our outline for them to view? Not sure if I just gave away a free idea to someone lol 

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Absolutely, you are more than welcome to extend an invitation to him or initiate a conversation with the applicants who have shown interest. 

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