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Strange first contacts with freelancers



I recently joined UpWork to work with a freelancer.  So far no bug problems and rather satisfied.


In the search of a freelancer, I had for the 3rd time a freelancer changing his profile photo last minute and when I asked to have a zoom meeting, suddenly the camera was broken so I could not see to whom I was talking.

I stopped the conversation each time and there was no harm done....but I find it a little strange ?


Maybe more clients had this experience and I'm not sure what to think about it or is it realy a coincidence ?

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Most likely the freelancer was a scammer.  Stay away.

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You already know that their cameras are not actually broken.


Unfortunately, this sort of thing happens.


If the identity of freelancers is not important to you, then don't bother trying to verify them. If it is important, the you have every right to require on screen interviews. But if someone turns out to be a faker, you should quickly move on. Don't dwell on it. You don't owe such people any more of your time, thoughts, or energy.

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It is weird & thank you for sharing it. You can report the account to the team so they can look into it with an answer for you hopefully. 

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It's a clear no if it sound's like integrity issue. 

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Reputable freelancers don't quickly 'swap' photos right before an interview.  That's an automatic red flag.  I think I've changed my photo maybe once or twice in my years on UW. It sounds like this person is lying about who they are, or more likely, lying about their location or lying about who will actually be performing the work. Some freelancers 'win' contracts and then farm out the work to somebody else (without telling the client), so they might want to put the person that actually 'knows' the work on the call, therefore: Photo 'mis match' had to be corrected.  Some freelancers who aren't really in the Unitied States/Canada or Europe, lie and say they are on their profile.   Either way, if a person starts any  business transaction by lying, you should expect lies throughout the remainder of the transaction/business partnership.  It's up to you how many lies you are willing to tolerate or if integrity is important to you. If you are posting jobs and want to encourage these types of people to stay away, you might want to start the job post by making it clear that a Video call with a working camera will be required and telling them not to apply if they don't have a working camera or are  unwilling to do a Zoom video call.  You could even include that in the 'questions' you add to the job post.

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I have been a freelancer for 25 years and almost never do video. Was it a photo change of the same person or a completely different person? If it's the same person, who cares, however a different person would appear to be fraud. Have a great day!

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Thank you for replying.

The photo changed from female to male or even to a Bugs Bunny and vice versa !

Greetings !

It really depends on the nature of the job.

I have hired over 180 freelancers on Upwork.

I never check on their identities or credentials because I don't care.

I hire freelancers to do a particular task, and then they do it, and I can see that they have done it, and I'm pleased.

If they start into the task and I don't like their work, then I quickly end the contract.


I believe there IS NOTHING WRONG with a client checking a freelancer's credentials. And for many jobs this may indeed be an important thing to do. I believe that EVERY Upwork freelancer should present 100% honest information abou themselves.


I'm just saying that as a client, my jobs don't require identity verification. I doubt that the freelancers I have hired have used fake information. But I don't have any way of knowing for certain.

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Thanks for sharing.

It's really important you know who you're working with.

 Sorry you had to go through that. Most times they aren't who they potray themselves to be.

I'm a freelancer, and I know how important it is for a client to trust me.

Trust can't be build on a fake foundation.

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