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Talent Specialist Out of Control

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Mary W wrote:

As a freelancer, I opted out of TS program a long time ago.  The precipitating event: I was sent a job offer to "draft" a design of a rubber ball with handholds on it.  I am a paralegal who "drafts" legal documents.  That was it for me...

I also opted out of this as a freelancer almost as soon as this whole thing started.

I have also opted out as a client, as it's just too annoying. You'll post a job and then out of nowhere you'll get a message from a TS saying they'll go ahead and invite people to your job post, so you'll have to quickly tell them to stop before they get started on the invites. After the (I think) 3rd time that happened I told them to stop helping me with anything and all, and just butt out of my account and leave me alone. And they did. I think they also sent me a message regarding that, but that was in the massage room and they archived that message room as soon as they sent the message, so since I then couldn't read the message, I have no idea what they said. But they have left me alone ever since, for which I'm grateful. 

But I don't think it should be this hard to opt out of. I would rather suggest that this is something a client should opt in to, instead of being a default.

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