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I am hiring telemarketers.  I have made enough calls/closed enough to know what a person with so-so skills can produce.  So do I hire by the hour or by the specific result? ( a client for our program).  Which method attracts that most talent?  I know that phone work is hard, and I am realistic in my results expectations.




From what I have seen in my recent activity on here, Hourly contracts are far more attractive to freelancers.


The same goes for me. I believe it's the guaranteed mediation and reduced possibility of being scammed that is the common denominator here.


Given that this is an online platform, the massive amounts of unscrupulous "online entrepreneurs" show up fairly often with fixed contract jobs.


re: "So do I hire by the hour or by the specific result? ( a client for our program)"


I don't think you should try to do a "result-only" job.


This is not to say that there is anything wrong with what you propose. It's simply not a service or product that Upwork offers.


Upwork offers the following contract models:

a) hourly

b) fixed-price


It IS possible to hire contractors using one of these contract models and then give them a bonus for specific results. A bonus on top of what you are already paying them.


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