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Terrible Freelancer leaves 1 star reviews

The Freelancer I hired left retaliatory feedback.


When I responded, I looked at the feedback he left all his other clients who left ANYTHING LESS than 5 stars for him.

He left 1 star for all of them!  Even one who left him a 4.5 star.


Many others clients had big issues with his communications but, like me, were too polite to leave 1 star reviews.


He does poor work, doesn't listen to requirements, gets $200 for a day of crap graphic production, then gets to kill my rating?!


UpWork, you've got to clean the unqualified Freelancers out AND protect your Clients better.  I had 5 stars, now I have 2.5 stars.  I guess I wasted time searching for someone decent and this was the 2nd I tried that didn't read a short list of requirements.  Why would I hire here again? 


Please help take this unfair, retaliatory, review off my account.

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I have been a photoshop designer for 30 years and have created 1000s of magaizne covers and I never pick up jobs these days from upworks. Tilerally not for months. I think half of the guys on here are chancers and are also the guys that are picking up all of the work. 


Hi Kimberly,


I'm sorry to hear about how your contract with this freelancer turned out. We’ve escalated your community post to a support ticket. One of our agents will be in touch with you soon to assist.

~ Joanne
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