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The Budget and Final Price of The Contract

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Ching Sheng K Member Since: Aug 9, 2015
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I'm new here and want to hire some writers. I set the budget but mentioned the price range per task in the post. Apparently every applicant didn't bid on the real price range. So how can I make the contract in real price before hiring? Thank you.

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Why did you not set the "real price" as the budget?


You can set a contract up at the price  you agreed with your freelancer by setting the "real price" in the offer you send to the freelancer.


The budget in the job posting, and the bid of the freelancer don't stop you doing so, just alter it when you prepare the offer you want to make.


This may make it clearer, it's a screenshot of the "make an offer" screen:


contract setup.jpg

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Ching Sheng K Member Since: Aug 9, 2015
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Thanks for your reply. The reason is I want to pay the amount based on job performance (word counts or other factors). That's why I mentioned the price range in the job post.


Does this option appear after hiring? Because I can't find it.

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Hi again,


You have to click on the hire button to set up a contract, yes.


So it doesn't appear "after" hiring, it appears during the hiring process.


Be careful to set up a "fixed price" contract, not (!) an hourly one.


During the setting up of the contract you get to choose the value of the contract - such as 10 articles of 500 words at $ 0.10 a word you would set up as a value of $ 500.00 and then you could set the 1st milestone as $ 50.00 and call it "first article, 500 words"


Be aware that the first milestone gets funded into Escrow while you hire, and you need to have all details completed, and your payment method set up prior to hiring.


Does that make sense?