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The Upwork time tracking problem

One week ago, I hired one freelancer on Upwork but he was using the **Edited for Community Guidelines**for Upwork time tracking and his all screenshot was tracked by the auto-tracking app.


So his screenshot is not the same as his working and there were writing numbers on the code file by the **Edited for Community Guidelines**app.


I think this is a violation of Upwork terms.


Really I can not sure how much he worked and he rejected the Refund request. Could you let me know how to solve this problem?

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Orlando,

I`m sorry to hear about the bad experience you had. Just to clarify, in order for a freelancer to charge you for the time they have worked they will need to track their time with our (Upwork) desktop app.

When freelancers are tracking their time with our app you will be able to review their work diary and the work they have completed. You will also be billed every Monday for the time your freelancers have tracked in the previous week.


I can also see that you already have an open dispute. Feel free to follow up directly there and our team will assist you further as soon as possible. Thank you.

~ Goran

Thanks for your replying


He tracked working time using the Upwork track app and **Edited for Community Guidelines** app too.

**Edited for Community Guidelines**


But the Upwork app has not noticed this activity and he tracked 10hrs without any rest for 3 days and the same keypress event (25-30 per minute).

**Edited for Community Guidelines**


And there was wrote numbers on the screenshot (not coding).

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

Hi Orlando,


Please feel free to update your dispute ticket with this information so our team can review it.