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The rating system

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Faith J Member Since: Jul 21, 2015
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I have a problem with their rating system!!! (join the club right? I knowSmiley Happy


My specific problem is that after leaving a feedback for a freelancer, if I choose to modify my feedback, after 14 days or so its locked and I have to ask the freelancer to give me permission to change my own remarks.


There are many things that can affect the rating/ feedback after the work is done. Something goes wrong that shouldn’t and needs to get fixed. The freelancer might think he/she has done something right but reality shows that it wasn’t….


So whatever the reason, if any party even the freelance chooses to modify their feedback they can’t! and have made leaving, reading and trusting feedbacks and industry standard. Both of those giant entities allow you to update / modify your feedback whenever you want but upwork doesn’t. Upwork’s explanation is that it’s a double-blind system which makes no sense whatsoever!


If Amazon and Yelp have perfected the model why change it?

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Stephen B Member Since: Dec 4, 2012
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Good luck with that one, then...

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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To the best of my knowledge, there are no Upwork contractors clamoring for Upwork to grant clients the ability to change ratings and feedback comments any time they want, without the contractor's permission.


Upwork is heavily client-centric. This limitation can be considered one small, reasonable concession in the contractor's favor.


Two weeks is enough time to evaluate a contractor's submission in any properly managed project.

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Wn S Member Since: Jan 17, 2018
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I am new on up work and completed two jobs and looking for more. 


My first client was hyper after my first submission but after the revision he was happy and suddenly he went abroad. he came today and he asked me that I want to change the review tell me how to do that he actually has given me 3 stars but he is happy now. after the revision. its been more than 14 days. 


Is it possible that he can change the review? I have already sent a request to up work support. 


Can anybody help me in this regards?

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Wn S:


There is a button that you (the freelancer) can click to allow a client to change his review, even after 14 days have passed. You may use this button once per contract.

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Nina K Member Since: Nov 29, 2017
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Hi Wn,

This can be done, please follow the directions outlined here.