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The worst freelancer ever

As a client in up work for few years when I hired **Edited for Community Guidelines**

  for a task $900 after signing an NDA with my condition that was said that freelancer will be terminated if not follow my instruction

I assign him few hours in good faith to check the site if can be done not to use it, He was told I will be funding some money for a fixed project, not only  that he screwed the task I was charged for it, Immediately I cancel the tasks and open a dispute with negative feedback  , Upwork  awarded to me  the hour and the escrow  but suddenly start to  harras me if not going  to release all the $900 will post a negative revies on social media well he did on many site with fake name bogus post using my name my adress and made Anti-Semtic , I reoprt this freelancer what he did and ask them to take action againt and why my rating does not show up, I was told he is a rising talent he as the ability to arease well that wrong and still active in upwork

Well Do not use him for anything he will blackmail you  if something wrong

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

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Uh, he should be banned for making those threats... only top rated freelancers can remove a single review once every three months. Not rising talent. A rising talent badge gets revoked over a negative review.

What I'm surprised about is that the freelancer would still have an account here at all. Did you report with evidence of his threats? If so, he should not be allowed here. And I would be disappointed to know that he is.
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Hi Evyatar,

Sorry to hear you had this experience. I see there was already a ticket about this issue and one of our team member advised to report it to the website where the freelacer post any fake or fraud news about your company. One from our team already made some necessary actions on that freelancer. Thanks.

~ Jo-An

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Did you get a 100% refund? If you don't pay anything, no review shows on the freelancer's profile. However, the private feedback is still factored into the private feedback. This is one reason you sometimes see freelancers with all positive public feedback but a very low job success score. Sometimes that happens if they freelancer refunded a lot of clients 100%. 


Freelancers with rising talent can't remove feedback. And as far as I know, they lose rising talent status if they have a dispute. 

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